Sunday, February 3, 2013

Other projects using Sashay yarn.

I'm continuing with other options with Sashay yarn. Below are 4 pictures, but only 2 projects. First an over the shoulder bag and second, a Quick and Sassy Chain Scarf.  First is the Sashay handbag view. -- And yes, that's all the necklaces and bracelets I bead behind it. Nothing of value to anyone else, but to me they're priceless.-- I will admit crocheting the bag wasn't easy. It was time consuming probably because I added more ruffles than what the pattern called for. It starts with a basic bag, then adds the ruffled yarn. Upon completion I crocheted a rose for the button. Using a girls hair tie for the latch. I cut it in half and hand sewed it onto the bag.  
Sashay Handbag

A close view

A crocheted rose for a button.

A Quick and Sassy Chain Scarf.
Above is a pattern I found from I found this option and 'had' to make it. It was chained by hand. I thought it was fun. Here tho, you have to watch the tension of the yarn. I had to keep pulling back on the chain because I pulled to much yarn off. Other than that it was a lot of fun.

P.S. Ignore the rabbit pajamas. It's cold in my part of  The Old Dominion and they are warm.

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