Friday, July 26, 2013

More things to do with Sashay yarn.

What to do with extra Sashay yarn?  Here's my idea, make a Sashay wreath. 

Here's the directions:

1.Sashay wreath of your choice.
2. 1 wreath (mine is about 8 inches round)
3. T Pins
4. yarn for loop tie

The Sashay yarn was crocheted. ( has directions on how to crochet Sashay yarn)
Why did I crochet it? Because it leaves a chain and it worked out perfectly for this craft.
It isn't wrapped over and over. With a Tpin wrap the Sashay wreath clockwise around and around starting on one side pinning as you go. This is wrapped 3 times in a clockwise matter. It will fill all the wreath but leaving the back opened. 
If you decide to purchase a bigger wreath you may need to use 2 crocheted or knitted Sashay yarn. 
Questions? ask me. I'll be glad to answer. 


  1. So you just lay it on foam circle and pin it on? Would it be possible to crochet it onto a smaller diameter circle? How about hot glue instead of pins, would that work better?

  2. My opinion I think pins would work better. If you hot glue the yarn it is permanent. With pins you can take it off and pin another one on. I did pin it on a foam circle. I laid it flat and started pinning it around. Yeah it is possible to wrap it with a small diameter circle. It could be fuller and/or you may be able to wrap it around the wreath. I'll take a picture to get you started.


Thanks so much for your comment. I certainly appreciate it.